Reverend Dr. J. Richard Szeremany '57

Reverend Dr. J. Richard SzeremanyIn 2012, Alumnus Reverend Dr. J. Richard Szeremany '57 set up a scholarship through a charitable gift annuity named for his sister, Adrianne, an RN who was in the process of completing her PHD when she passed away. In 2016, he established another CGA that will add to the endowment of The Adrianne M. Szeremany Endowed Scholarship. The Scholarship is for nursing students who demonstrate both financial need and academic achievement.

"My wish was/is to support and underwrite the educational future of my alma mater and to support the educational endeavors and goals of students who require financial assistance to enable their education to go forward unencumbered," said Dr. Szeremany.

The charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between the college and the donor. In exchange for the gift of cash or stock to the college, the donor receives a fixed income for life as well as a tax deduction for the gift. In other words, Dr. Szeremany has been able to see his gift at work while receiving income from his gift.

"One does not have to be in a 'tax rich' category before considering making such a gift," said Dr. Szeremany. "Consider what your education at Bloomfield College has provided you through your life and career and thoughtfully consider how you can provide a similar life-time experience for someone else."

Dr. Szeremany came to Bloomfield College as a seminary student. The college and seminary offered him a position as the Director of Music (in addition to his seminary studies). When he graduated the College and seminary wanted him to stay on as the Director of Music, but he was ready to pursue his career as a pastor.

He took a position in the Munn Ave. Presbyterian Church and spent 22 years as the pastor, organist, and choir director. He then spent eight years at the Second Presbyterian Church in Newark, and his final 16 years before retirement with the East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh as Director or Worship, Music and the Arts.

Dr. Szeremany has yet to begin his retirement, having spend the last five and a half years working as full time interim musician for churches in need of an organist and/or choir director.

"In making these gifts, I have had the opportunity to honor and to remember the legacy through nursing and care that my sister brought to countless numbers of people in need," said Dr. Szeremany.

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